Muhammad Noor is a leading Rohingya Visionary and Activist Founder of Rohingya Project, Rohingya Vision, Rohingya Unicode and Rohingya Football Club

ECLL – Muhammad Noor-The European Conference on Language learning(ECLL)


Muhammad Noor is the Founder and Managing Director of the Rohingya Project, a Blockchain-based organisation to bring financial inclusion and digital identity to stateless people. Noor is also founder and director for several institutions and organizations such as the world’s first Rohingya TV broadcast station called Rohingya Vision (RVISION) watched by millions all over the world. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Rohingya Football Club (RFC) the Rohingya National Team to play at the CONIFA World Cup. He is actively involved in the humanitarian field, working with various international organisations such as UNHCR, the International Red Cross, the International Organisation for Migration as well as several embassies. He also served as general secretary of the Rohingya Student development Movement (RSDM).

His acclaimed contributions to the Rohingya community of the world has earned him award and recognition from the Rohingya Education Research Center (ARAKAN) for the digitization of the First Rohingya Alphabet and developed the first Computer Typeface and one of the main contributors on Rohingya Unicode which was accepted and released in 2018. Noor is also the author of THE EXODUS – A True Story from a Child of Forgotten People which was published in 2012, based on his personal life experience.

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