Muhammad Noor is a leading Rohingya Visionary and Activist Founder of Rohingya Project, Rohingya Vision, Rohingya Unicode and Rohingya Football Club


The Rohingya people are a Muslim ethnic minority indigenous to Myanmar. As a result of the brutal military oppression, which they have suffered from Myanmar’s army, they have not had access to the holy Quran in their native language; until now.

Muhammad Noor, CEO of Rohingya Vision explains how and why he has translated the holy Quran to Rohingya

Muhammad Noor, the CEO of Rohingya Vision, raised $20,000 towards funding for an audio and video translation of the Quranic text, making the teachings of the Quran easily accessible to most people, many of whom can neither read nor write in their native tongue, let alone Arabic. 

Despite this, he says that many Rohingya do “read the original text in Arabic. A lot of Rohingyas are known to have memorised the Quran by heart.”

He explains that translating the Quran has not been the most straightforward task: “The methodology that we are implementing is that there are already existing translations available in English and Urdu.”

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