Muhammad Noor is a leading Rohingya Visionary and Activist Founder of Rohingya Project, Rohingya Vision, Rohingya Unicode and Rohingya Football Club

Global Voices – Media Group Aims to End Violence against Rohingyas in Myanmar

The aim of RVision is to educate and train the Rohingya youth and intellectuals on various Rohingya issues related to history, geopolitics, Burmese policies, international affairs and political analysis. Within the last two years we can proudly say that Rvision has become the most successful and largest Rohingya media in the Rohingya community.

The group decided to focus on videos because most Rohingyas are not able to read or write. In order to reach a bigger audience, they use the spoken Rohingya language in producing their videos.

Rohingya Vision has correspondents across the state of Arakan who gather daily news in Rohingya, Burmese, and English languages. One of its popular programs is the 360 Degree talk show with MD Noor, which is considered as Myanmar’s first political talk show in the Rohingya Language. The program aims to educate the public by featuring Rohingya leaders and their activities.

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