Muhammad Noor is a leading Rohingya Visionary and Activist Founder of Rohingya Project, Rohingya Vision, Rohingya Unicode and Rohingya Football Club

Empowering Rohingya

Preserving and Promoting Rohingya Identity, Celebrating Culture, and Sustaining Language for Generations to Come.

Muhammad Noor, a Rohingya visionary and the founder of the Rohingya Project, Rohingya Vision, RFC, and RLC, is a pioneer in blockchain for social inclusion. With vast expertise in journalism, humanitarian work, and corporate leadership, Noor actively uses technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Crypto, Metaverse, Data Science, security, and privacy to benefit marginalised people. He also mentors students and has given talks on refugee issues and technology at universities throughout the world.


Noor's Book: Born To Struggle

The Child of Rohingya Refugees and His Inspiring Journey

Born to Struggle is the journey of a young man, born as a refugee to the world’s most persecuted people, the Rohingya. Muhammad Noor’s escape from the limbo of statelessness to chart his own path is a rare untold story of the Rohingya and a testament to the indomitability of the human spirit. we witness Noor’s battle to receive a basic education, his stay in a hellish detention center and his later contributions to the cause of his people. But amidst the trials, we also hear the heartwarming tales of his forefathers and daily acts of kindness given and received within the community of the Rohingya.

Born to Struggle gives us a special view into the world of a people suffering from the everlasting effects of genocide through the lens of a special Rohingya. It is a story of hope and of finding a way to persevere through life’s worst challenges.


Beyond Borders:

Noor's Vision for Empowering The Rohingya Through Innovation
About Noor:

As the Founder and Managing Director of the Rohingya Project, Noor leads a groundbreaking Blockchain-based initiative, championing social and financial inclusion for stateless communities. His multifaceted role extends to founding and directing impactful institutions, including the globally acclaimed Rohingya Vision (RVISION) TV broadcast station, watched by millions worldwide.

Noor’s commitment to sports and cultural preservation is evident through his roles as the Founder and Chairman of the Rohingya Football Club (RFC) and the visionary behind the Rohingya Archive, dedicated to safeguarding history and genocidal evidence. In the realm of language preservation, he manages the groundbreaking Rohingya Quran Translation Project. His leadership extends to the establishment of the Rohingya Language Council and pioneering work in digitizing Rohingya alphabets.

Noor: A humanitarian leader collaborating with UNHCR, Red Cross, and IOM. He holds a master’s in business intelligence. With 15+ years of diverse experience, Noor excels in roles from business ownership to TV station operation. A seasoned expert in Blockchain, Crypto, NFTs, Metaverse, Data Science, and security, he’s also a published author and motivational speaker in five languages.

Noor’s overarching ambition is to harness technology for the service of humanity, making a lasting impact on the lives of the Rohingya community and beyond.”

Initiatives Launched

Organizations That Shaping Identity and Community
Rohingya Vision

Voice for the Voiceless: Exposing Genocidal Crimes and Human Rights Abuses Against Rohingya. A crucial source for international media, breaking the information barrier in the restricted Arakan state.

Rohingya Project

Building Solutions and Platform: to Preserve Rohingya Identity and Culture: Empowering through Cutting-Edge Technology, including Blockchain, Innovative Solutions, and Education.

Rohingya Quran

Connecting Hearts: Translating the Holy Quran into Rohingya Text and Audio-Visual Formats for Worldwide Access, Fostering Spiritual Growth, Community Bonding Connecting to Creator.

Rohingya Genocide Archive

 A Rohingya-led initiative to systematically collect visual media evidence of genocidal crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated against the Rohingya.

Rohingya Language Council

Focused on language preservation and education through creating resources like libraries and dictionaries, language standards, unified curriculum, and digital adoption.


Online Educational platform which provides tailored courses to empower the Rohingya community with cultural, linguistic, and practical skills, fostering excellence and economic opportunities.

Rohingya Football Club

Rohingya national football team using the magic of football to bring Rohingya youth together for the common goal of creating a harmonious cohesive society and shaping the Identity.

Hope is The Power to Transform Challenges Into Opportunities.

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